Pershimex: A new look to reflect our progress

10 June 2021

Our company, Pershimex Resources, is a Quebec junior mineral and gold exploration company with a strategic location in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, backed by an experienced management team. We own four strategic properties with more than 500 claims over 185 km2 and hold 100% rights to the Courville property. Our prime location in this renowned mining region, supported by a team of veteran professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, make our company a leader in gold exploration.

A history of mining experience and expertise

Pershimex is the successor to Pershimco Resources, which has merged with another business. Pershimex specializes in developing gold mining properties in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. The company has become a driving force in gold exploration. Pershimex Resources took its current form following a series of mergers and acquisitions.

This junior mining company, located in Rouyn-Noranda, owns the huge Courville property, which covers 132 km2 between Barraute and Senneterre. The property is also home to the former Pershing-Manitou gold mine, which was active in the 1940s, but later abandoned. The current Courville property was established after many years of work. It includes several confirmed gold deposits, which are being developed alongside the property. The company is taking up the torch after more than 80 years of work from several companies and individuals.

Mine rehabilitation: a matter of principle

Typically, mines are rehabilitated at the end of the project; in fact, they are generally the final step. However, with Courville, Pershimex Resources needed to approach the process backwards in a sense as it began by rehabilitating the site.

Significant exploration work was carried out by various entities following the discovery of a large number of mineral showings throughout the Courville property’s history. The property grew over time, merging with neighboring properties. It now covers a huge area, equal to that of multiple regular properties.

The Courville property is exceptional because of its shallow deposits. Typical deposits are generally found fairly deep, some 200–300 metres below the surface. At Courville, however, many deposits are only a dozen metres under the surface.

Pershimex Resources has therefore inherited an outstanding deposit and the fruits of eight decades of work; it intends to share those fruits with its investors.

Healthy community relationships

At Pershimex Resources, we understand how important it is to have good relationships with the communities around us. For that reason, everything we do is guided by trust, respect, and transparency.

We also care deeply about the environment and sustainable development, since they are a crucial part of our work.

Passionate about mining

“Gold runs in our veins” is more than a flippant expression to us. Everyone on our team cares deeply about their work. We’ve had gold fever forever!

We are a team of prospectors who all share one passion: gold.

A reflection of our growth

The growth of Pershimex Resources is reflected in our new image, which includes a logo that perfectly represents our present and hints at what the future has in store for us. That logo reflects our trademark drive and professionalism, as well as our experienced board of directors, our unwavering team spirit, and our strong corporate philosophy. Take a look at this video to learn about our company and how we’ve grown over the years!


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